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Stopping Violence Against Women


Wednesday 13 October 2010, by Iraqi Democratic Future Network

The campaign for stopping violence against women is multifaceted. It initially started in Iraqi universities to raise the issue amongst the student population, but is now targeting a wider range of Iraqi society. With insecurity still rampant, concern over the treatment of women has escalated. It is thought that domestic violence and "honour killings" have increased along with the high unemployment rate and daily frustrations of living in Iraq today.

This campaign raises public awareness on the reality of violence against women, particularly domestic violence, stressing the role that civil society and the Iraqi state can play in addressing the issue. The campaign calls upon State Ministers and Institutions to implement programmes and introduce legislation that protect women from violence.

Coordinated by the IDFN and its member organizations, with guidance and support from Canadian and European partners, the campaign includes:

• At least 12 public meetings with Civil Society Organizations and Community Based Organizations (in both urban and rural centres) to devise common strategies for addressing domestic violence across the country.

• Production of campaign material, including a poster against domestic violence.

• Lobbying and advocating for introducing legislation and measures to increase protection for victims of domestic violence.

• Drafting a policy paper on the role of civil society and the Iraqi state in protecting victims of domestic violence, including a set of recommendations for CSOs and the Iraqi state.


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