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Women from Iraq in solidarity with the women of the world


Monday 22 November 2010, by Iraqi Democratic Future Network

Members of the steering committee of the IDFN network took part in the global women’s march in solidarity with women all around the world, to support their struggles for their legitimate rights and for equality.

The 30th June 2010, the demonstrations took to the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. Thousands of feminists, coming from 22 countries in the world marched in the streets in the presence of dozens of media.

This march expressed solidarity with women in Turkey, in Palestine and in Iraq, as well as solidarity with activists for women’s rights all around the world.

There was a meeting of the World March of Women before the demonstration where representatives from IDFN spoke about the reality of Iraqi women and their need for solidarity. This intervention had a big impact and was met with a standing ovation.

The slogans shouted by feminist activists in the march demanded rights for women and solidarity with the women of the world, and were in multiple languages. Most notably Kurdish, Turkish and French.

These slogans in Kurdish:
Zain .. Xian ... Iazady / salute life means freedom
And in French:
Soo .... soo .... soo ...... Solidarité avec ..... .... .... toutes les femmes du monde

This march was along the lines of the preparations for the global women march to be held in the Congo in October.

IDFN is a network of 16 organizations from Iraq, was founded in 2004 and has many activities and projects that contribute to the democratization of Iraq. Members of the steering committee participating in the march were from Tammuz, Iraqi Rising Women, and the center for workers’ culture.


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