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Meeting the Civil Society Challenge in Iraq


Sunday 21 November 2010

This project, funded by the European Commission (2009-2010), aims to support and strengthen the capacities of Iraqi civil society organizations and networks to promote a holistic approach to human rights and a pluralistic and non-discriminatory society based on equality between the sexes and respect for minorities. Alternatives and its local and international partners (Iraqi Democratic Future Network, Amorces, and the European Citizens’ Assembly) are working to promote the emergence of a vibrant civil society capable of promoting human rights and gender equality in Iraq through engagement in constructive dialogue with government authorities as well as traditional and religious leaders.

Expected Results:

  1. Formation of an active and representative network of civil society organizations in Iraq;
  2. Improvement of the skills and resources of IDFN members to work on a wide range of issues relating to human rights in Iraq and to achieve tangible benefits for marginalized Iraqis- especially women, children, youth and minorities;
  3. Promotion of greater awareness and recognition within Iraqi society and its leadership of human rights issues in order to build the support necessary to improve the situation;
  4. Development of the managerial and technical skills of IDFN members, and strengthening collaboration and information sharing on issues relating to human rights among Iraqi non-governmental organizations.

Download a PDF pamphlet containing further information on the
Meeting the Civil Society Challenge in Iraq: Widening the Constituency for Non-violent and Democratic Reforms by Reinforcing Civil Society Organizations project.


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